A box that contains everything to make colorful and fun soaps at home.

The box contains:

-300 gr of white soap base
-300 gr of clear soap base
– 3x dyes (Note the colors may be different)
-200 g of colorful soap crumbs (note the color may vary)
-15 ml of soap fragrance
-donut mold
-dried flowers for decoration
-Information and instructions on how to make the soaps.

Note soap colors may vary!

The soap base is melted at high heat for 2-3 minutes in a microwave oven. Colorants mixed with a little oil (e.g. olive oil). Next, fragrance is added. Pour the soap into a mold. The molds can really be anything, skyrdollar/muffin shape etc. that you can think of. It is best to use molds made of plastic or silicone so that the soaps can be easily removed.

You can put the soaps in the fridge so they harden faster. If the intention is to make multi-colored “gemstone soap”, it is best to get an adult to cut colored cold soap on a cutting board with a large and sharp knife (always cut downwards). The tiles are then mixed with a melted soap base.

You can see an instructional video from URD here:

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  1. Anna

    Ég og dóttir mín höfum notað þennann pakka svoldið i cozy stund hjá okkur og gera þetta saman …það nyjasta er að nýta þetta í gjafir plús kerta DIY , mæli hiklaust með þessu 100%

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