About us

 URÐ was founded in 2016 by Erla Gísladóttir. The brand name URÐ is an old Icelandic word meaning earth or soil. It symbolizes the pure ingredients used in our products. All our products are handmade with respect to nature. The idea behind URÐ came to life in Erla´s kitchen with scent and skincare development.  Erla has a background in cosmetology and art history. which came in handy with product development. The main idea was to make creative scent and bath products based on old craft methods with Icelandic ingredients which had not been used before in skincare.

URÐ is an Icelandic company that designs and produces scented products.  URÐ’s product line consists of handmade soaps, bath products, scented candles and home diffusers.

We believe it is our duty to take good care of our environment. Our skincare products are cruelty free and do neither contain plastic materials nor parabens. We only use recyclable containers and packaging. 

We also believe in good scent. Our quality perfumes are designed to provoke memories. Every season has its charm. Sometimes you want light, bright and fresh atmosphere. Sometimes you prefer coziness, cuddling and warmth. Our perfumes give you the opportunity to create the atmosphere that best suits your mood. Our scents are designed in Iceland but carefully blended out of the finest ingredients in Grasse, France. Our scented candles are made out of natural soy and beeswax and burn for 40 hours. 

We are located in Reykjavik, Iceland, where we make our soaps, pack our products and make experiments and testing for our future products. 

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